Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround.
Benchmarking the Competition

Our Supply Chain

We build trust and technology to improve every touchpoint from cold storage to customs, shipping to last-mile. 


We manage the growing consumer demand for sustainable products and execution side of sourcing as your wholesale trader. 

A fresh perspective, more than just food


We help industry players, OEMs, and public sector clients navigating the semiconductor value chain and global shifts.

Microchip Consulting & Strategy

Over the years, through our intense hard work, absolute honesty and sincere dedication, we combine decades of industry experience with digital-led services that help companies adapt to unpredictable demand and complex supply chains.

Our clients


About us

We want to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable supply chain company. Our goal is to deliver value growth and best-in-class performance.

Our mission

Where can we help most? What new ideas can we bring to the table? How can we change the world for the better? Our mission is advancing innovation to find solutions to that question every day.

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